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Game of the year

We all know the nominations.

L4D 2
Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2
Uncharted 2: Among Theives
Assassins creed 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum

But what game will win? What game in my opinion deserves to win?
I know in my heart which game I fell for.
Uncharted 2 was perhaps the first game since Final Fantasy X that I couldn’t put down. I gave it a perfect score for a reason. Everything fell into place for me for that game.
Modern warfare and Assassins Creed just freaking came out. I don’t think that’s far for the nominations at all.
Why not games that have been out longer? One gamers can still be addicted to even after its newness is gone?
Left 4 Dead, what happened to the boycott? After all part two came out less than a year after.
But I know what’s gonna happen. Its gonna be a GTA story. The multiplatformer will win. After all MW 2 broke records in sales.
But does a regergatated game deserve it? Not really.
But you know its gonna win.
/me is Sad.
My game of the year is Uncharted 2.
Take that Call of Duty.

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