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Its been one of those times for me right now.

Somehow, out of all the stress and despair I went through, my moment is at my finger tips. A video making career! In the gaming industy? Maybe.

I learned the secrets to self marketing and I’m about to make myself VIRAL.
Who knew?  A girl that never went to film school or took any hands on film classes, actually being as good as the pros.

I’ve been living a lot of the moments I’ve always wanted to you guys.
I went to CES, met my internet stars like Philip DeFranco and iJustine.

was in a Charles Trippy video…
Watch around the 10 min mark. 😛

and… now.
Something big is about to happen.
But what, I’m not quite sure.

I’ve been interviewing people in the gaming industry.
Making video collabs, and hell even learned some new video editing tricks.

Hollywood, that’s a tough crowd. But… the gaming industry, that’s one of the most fun places to go. Everyone I’ve met has been exstatic about games, I’m not the only one crazy enough to voulenteer for this gig either. in fact the most passionate people who land the big money jobs, started out just like me.

I have plans for the Game Meets Girl show.
Plans that I think I can actually make come true.

A GMG Calendar?
Some cool GMG Merch?
Working on a popular website?
Getting some money for it?
Having AMAZING fans!
Making friends that desperately believe in me!

The things I’ve been striving for since I was 16 are finally making it. I knew getting out of my Ravergirl shell would be good for me. I love glowsticking with ALL my heart, but this is the first time I’ve had a passion that kept me up late at night to the “wii” moments of the morning just eager to read comments, hear the voice of the internet, and just be plain excited for the future.

I think being single has been an amazing experience for me.
It may have broken my heart but it lit a flame in my SOUL. I now realize and have learned from the hardships and stress of moving out with someone that reality sucks. Nothing is as good as it seems. So EMBRACE what you have. Never regret the past, becasue history is a lot to be learned from.

It forms who you are. I honestly believe all the crappiness that happens in one’s live molds them into a better person. It gives them a better understanding of how the world works.

I’m seeing people around me, skyrocket into success, and I know I’m right behind them.
For once I feel like I’ve done the right things, worked the best way possible and have finally found my path to happiness.

So to be humble, before I get to my goal… I gotta let you guys know… if it weren’t for the little people, I wouldn’t have the inspiration/ drive that I have right now.

You guys have ALL supported me in ways I could NEVER IMAGINE!
Every word of advice has sunk in. I get better and stronger with each video.
This is what I’ve been striving for, and this is what I’ve recieved.

Thanks to 3KB, MikenCheese, Gamesonsmash, Tha-Truth MVP, my best friend Matt, Blade, Esko, sandman, and Philip DeFranco and my best GIRL FRIEND… Shelly…. for my chance. My shot. and having the courage to believe in such a passionate soul.
Man its hard to imagine, At the start of Septemeber, and about a week before that… I was crying myself to sleep every night. So unhappy with my life, and how I felt STUCK. I could feel myself falling into a depression, so angry, so upset with life. I felt like I was at rock bottom.
I thought the nobody really cared about me, and felt my work was worthless.
Because nobody looked at my stuff, or cared what I did really.
I really turned myself around though, even though financially I’m the worst I’ve EVER been. I’m more happy now than when I had savings in my account.

Who needs boys when you have a passion for LIFE AGAIN?

I know a lot of you guys don’t even read my blog. But I felt the need to thank you guys. So, I’ll tweet this.


When I make it, I could never forget the smiles, the confidence, and the hope you all have broughten me.



Comments on: "Ever get the feeling that you are on the verge of a life changing event?" (2)

  1. Aww that was so touching. It put a little warmth in my heart. I had no idea you had been going through so much because you smiled so often. I saw that CES video podcast and it seemed like you were taking a commanding lead. I was so impressed with you and all of your interviews from CES. I spend a lot of time on youtube. lol *hug* Here's to big things in 2010.

  2. I planned out everything for CES myself. The podcast was my idea so I wrote an outline for our conversation.I'm really glad I got other sites in on it too. I thought it was a really cool idea and people really enjoyed it.So if it looks like I was the leader, its because… I was. :PI learned a lot in these past few months.Thank you for all the support.-Kristen

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