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Welcome to the GMG Network

Hey Gamers!
There are a LOT of awesome changes in the works for game meets girl.
I’m opening up my site to a blog as well as more video projects in the works.

Plus I wanted to get more people involved.
Welcome to what I like to call, the GMG network.
Gaming news by Gamers.

I’m gonna have posts about cool things coming out in the biz as well as keeping you guys updated with Game Meets Girl show and different opinions by my gamer guys and girls.

So keep an eye out of Reviews, Skits, and Editorials written by and even some videos made by my gamers.
That’s right, I’m hiring staff.

It’s not an open application but people I’ve befriended, people who are willing to share their love into the industry and post about it. Expect a call from me.



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