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Welcome to the GMG Network

Hey Gamers!
There are a LOT of awesome changes in the works for game meets girl.
I’m opening up my site to a blog as well as more video projects in the works.

Plus I wanted to get more people involved.
Welcome to what I like to call, the GMG network.
Gaming news by Gamers.

I’m gonna have posts about cool things coming out in the biz as well as keeping you guys updated with Game Meets Girl show and different opinions by my gamer guys and girls.

So keep an eye out of Reviews, Skits, and Editorials written by and even some videos made by my gamers.
That’s right, I’m hiring staff.

It’s not an open application but people I’ve befriended, people who are willing to share their love into the industry and post about it. Expect a call from me.



Kanye has to ruin everything!

Even gaming. That HO!
Proof in this video!!

As always, check out Tha-Truth MVP for amazing video game paradoys!



Writing on some more blogs

I started doing a weekly blog on t3ch h3lp!
Check out my first post. My Skully candy headset review… which I already posted here… but yea it has better pics and stuff. lol.

I figure I can get some more views and get myself out there to a different type of audience.
Yay for not having to make videos.


XBOX LIVE, Skull Candy- Low Riders

So I’ve been having some trouble on xbox live. I have two original mics and both BROKE so around xmas time I was thrilled to get the Skull Candy Low rider headset.

So lets break it down.
Xbox live is where smack talking, game communication, and friendly chat takes place. Especially for me, a gamer girl with a popular youtube channel and is quickly gaining momentum.

So hearing people is the MOST important this for me when it comes to headphones.

I get fans who want to talk to me, I get hit up in party chat whenever I bounce on… that’s why I generally pay off live when I need to make a review. (which is most of the time)

My original one-eared live mic worked fine. What I liked about the original one was the fact that the voices were channeled directly to your ears and it was wireless from the system, only connected to the controller for power.

They were simple, but the biggest con was they looked and felt like I was working a gaming drive-thru.
Then they broke in september (2 sets… I played Gears of war2 probably too much) and I was micless.

I got the Skull Candy lowriders and was completely thrilled to have a chance to talk with my live friends again.

I noticed my excitement fading rather quickly when I started to use them.
Pros and Con’s breakdown time.

-The headset covers both ears, are very comfortable to wear, and stereo sounds decent.
-They have one of the sexiest headset designs I’ve ever seen.

-It has to be powered by USB, meaning you have to PLUG IT INTO your SYSTEM. Talk about a pain in the ass, I’ve learned to HATE wires since the new gen of consoles have come out. So annoying, it limits how far away you can sit from your screen.

-It doesn’t put the players voices directly into your ears. In fact, the ONLY way to hear them in your head set is if you plug in a splitter cable into the 360 jacks to only hear LOUD ass game play and meek little voices which are utterly incoherent.

-The headset doesn’t get very loud, which is GREAT if you have kids and don’t want tthem to blow up their eardrums like I already have… but holy crap Its hard enough to hear the game, and I can’t really hear the players at all.

So I was trying my best to figure out a way to hear my XBL besties.
I had to turn down the game and sound effects to the BARE min, and I STILL couldn’t hear my friends speak clearly or loud enough at all.

Listening to them through the TV didn’t help either. It was all meshed in with gameplay and I couldn’t hear anything.

I know, I don’t have the best hearing. After all I’ve been raving for the past 7 years so I already know my ears are pretty screwed up.

Plus I work at a resturant and work drve-thru which really messes up your ears too.

No matter how much I LOVE Skully Candy (which believe me they are by far my FAVORITE company as far as quality headphones go), I can’t tell you enough how much I despise this headset.

Why are there so many cables?
Why can’t I hear live chat directly into my ear, why does it have to be meshed in with gameplay sounds?

I love the look of them enough to use them in videos becasue they look nice as a prop, but dear GOD I need to find a decent wireless headset that lets me freaking HEAR.

Yes, I’m a little upset that I wasted 50 bucks.
I just wished my old headsets worked so I could at least play on live again without going CRAZY!


Ever get the feeling that you are on the verge of a life changing event?

Its been one of those times for me right now.

Somehow, out of all the stress and despair I went through, my moment is at my finger tips. A video making career! In the gaming industy? Maybe.

I learned the secrets to self marketing and I’m about to make myself VIRAL.
Who knew?  A girl that never went to film school or took any hands on film classes, actually being as good as the pros.

I’ve been living a lot of the moments I’ve always wanted to you guys.
I went to CES, met my internet stars like Philip DeFranco and iJustine.

was in a Charles Trippy video…
Watch around the 10 min mark. 😛

and… now.
Something big is about to happen.
But what, I’m not quite sure.

I’ve been interviewing people in the gaming industry.
Making video collabs, and hell even learned some new video editing tricks.

Hollywood, that’s a tough crowd. But… the gaming industry, that’s one of the most fun places to go. Everyone I’ve met has been exstatic about games, I’m not the only one crazy enough to voulenteer for this gig either. in fact the most passionate people who land the big money jobs, started out just like me.

I have plans for the Game Meets Girl show.
Plans that I think I can actually make come true.

A GMG Calendar?
Some cool GMG Merch?
Working on a popular website?
Getting some money for it?
Having AMAZING fans!
Making friends that desperately believe in me!

The things I’ve been striving for since I was 16 are finally making it. I knew getting out of my Ravergirl shell would be good for me. I love glowsticking with ALL my heart, but this is the first time I’ve had a passion that kept me up late at night to the “wii” moments of the morning just eager to read comments, hear the voice of the internet, and just be plain excited for the future.

I think being single has been an amazing experience for me.
It may have broken my heart but it lit a flame in my SOUL. I now realize and have learned from the hardships and stress of moving out with someone that reality sucks. Nothing is as good as it seems. So EMBRACE what you have. Never regret the past, becasue history is a lot to be learned from.

It forms who you are. I honestly believe all the crappiness that happens in one’s live molds them into a better person. It gives them a better understanding of how the world works.

I’m seeing people around me, skyrocket into success, and I know I’m right behind them.
For once I feel like I’ve done the right things, worked the best way possible and have finally found my path to happiness.

So to be humble, before I get to my goal… I gotta let you guys know… if it weren’t for the little people, I wouldn’t have the inspiration/ drive that I have right now.

You guys have ALL supported me in ways I could NEVER IMAGINE!
Every word of advice has sunk in. I get better and stronger with each video.
This is what I’ve been striving for, and this is what I’ve recieved.

Thanks to 3KB, MikenCheese, Gamesonsmash, Tha-Truth MVP, my best friend Matt, Blade, Esko, sandman, and Philip DeFranco and my best GIRL FRIEND… Shelly…. for my chance. My shot. and having the courage to believe in such a passionate soul.
Man its hard to imagine, At the start of Septemeber, and about a week before that… I was crying myself to sleep every night. So unhappy with my life, and how I felt STUCK. I could feel myself falling into a depression, so angry, so upset with life. I felt like I was at rock bottom.
I thought the nobody really cared about me, and felt my work was worthless.
Because nobody looked at my stuff, or cared what I did really.
I really turned myself around though, even though financially I’m the worst I’ve EVER been. I’m more happy now than when I had savings in my account.

Who needs boys when you have a passion for LIFE AGAIN?

I know a lot of you guys don’t even read my blog. But I felt the need to thank you guys. So, I’ll tweet this.


When I make it, I could never forget the smiles, the confidence, and the hope you all have broughten me.



From a superfan!

From Golden Fenrir

I’m so loved!!

Also check out my Fan Signs!


You guys are so awesome!


New Wallpapers of awesome!

I was bored and made some wallpapers for my fans.
Get ya wallpaper on

Too bad I’m very uncreative.
Maybe I should make a contest.

Anybody wanna make me free wallpapers?