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New Wallpapers of awesome!

I was bored and made some wallpapers for my fans.
Get ya wallpaper on

Too bad I’m very uncreative.
Maybe I should make a contest.

Anybody wanna make me free wallpapers?



GOTY Rap by Nathan Drake?

Hahah Truth, you are Brillant!!

Game on is BRILLANT!

The grandparents explaination video is CLASSIC!


You’ve been JINGLE BALLED!

This made me belly laugh so hard. A little soda came out of my nose.

❤ California On

Portal ideas…

Lets layout the premiese and story shall we? or should I say, shall I?

Kristen plays portal SOOO much she gets put into a mental hospital.
She thinks she is Chell. Doesn’t even respond to her own name.

She’s locked up in a white room. A doctor comes to check in on her.
Doctor places a box on the ground. “Your friends gave me all these things in this box to help you rememeber who you are, please Kristen look through it. Maybe you’ll rememeber who you are.”

Doctor feels its useless to communicate and leaves.

When the doctor leaves, she starts to hallocinate.
The box looks like the compainon cube, and memories arise. GLaDoS voice starts to control her.
*breaks into dancing*
Thus where I’d need the green screen to make it look like I’m in the game.
At the end, Doctor comes back to see the box is kicked to the corner of he room and Kristen is utterly terrifyed of it huddled in the opposite corner.
… I need a green screen, so many ideas!

Gamer Workout.


yes I am aware that I am an idiot. Thanks. 😛