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Advice for THE TESTER 3

Hello everyone,

My name is Mohamed Obsieyeh. Everyone calls me MO CHOCOLATE. It’s because of my life changing event that is THE TESTER.  A competitive reality show on the PlayStation network. I was on season 2.

For those of you that are not familiar with the show its about a group of gamers competing through physical game bases challenges  to win a job at Sony as a PlayStation quality assurance tester(also know as a game tester) season 1 you also win 5 grand. For season 2 however you win those two things and a 42in Sony Bravia 3D tv and a PlayStation console.

It is 8 episodes in total and normally 1 or 2 people go home. At the beginning of the season there is normally 11 or 12 contestants. By the season finally there are 3 contestants left. The judges are people who work for Sony and big names in the gaming industry

Season 2 recently just got done and the most common question me and my castmates gets is “will there be a season 3” to be completely honest I do not know, however there is not a doubt in my mind that there will be. Because of this I do get asked for advice if there ever will be a season 3 of THE TESTER on how to get on it. Well you have came to the right place. Keep in mind that this is merely my opinions and I am also good friends with the casting director.  So I have a good idea what they look for. Also if the audition process will be just like for season 2 then this will be more relevant

How it worked was you have to upload a video and picture of yourself to the tester website. In your video you will answer a few questions. You get to vote for other people on the site as well, you will also receive votes.  There is also a series of rounds.  At the end of each round the people with the highest votes moves on the the next round.  By the end there will be one standing and will win an automatic spot on the show.

GENERAL ADVICE: this might be the most important advice I can give MAKE SURE WE CAN SEE YOU! MAKE SURE WE CAN HEAR YOU! MAKE SURE WE CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR SAYING! playback what you recorded and make sure the technical side of it is good. There is not point in perching about how good you are if we cant hear or see you.  Also practice a few times. make sure you know what your going to say before you say it. also be creative, do something different that no one has done yet.  Try adding comedy, it helped me out.

ADVICE FOR THE MEN: this advice really is for everyone but I noticed that the men did this a lot. DO NOT COME OFF AS URGENT OR FULL OF YOURSELF. don’t be like “hello my name is ___ and let me tell you why I AM the next PlayStation tester, let me tell you why I WILL be the winner” there is a line between confidence and urgent.  Also don’t come off as desperate. Don’t lie or make yourself come off as something your not because believe me they will find out

ADVICE FOR THE WOMEN: DO NOT POSE IN BIKINIS. it is completely and 100% pointless.  I remember a few girls did that last year and they got the lowest votes.  Remember YOU’RE AUDITIONING FOR A JOB TO TEST VIDEO GAMES! Not a beach house.  Also it says a lot about you if your willing to show skin to get votes. Sorry ladies the nerds are going to your site but not to vote for you.

ADVICE FOR EVERYONE: keep in mind that the casting directors will also LOOK THROUGH YOUR FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE ETC because they want to make sure that you are who you say you are.  If you come off as professional but your other sites portray you the opposite way then that will be a problem.Ii have seen a lot of people get kicked off for that. They take this very seriously.

Over all just have fun. Remember to be yourself and above all TRUE to yourself. The casting directors look at EVERY SINGLE PROFILE so even if your at the bottom of the page of votes they will look at it

again this is IF a season 3 comes out. This is MO CHOCOLATE. peace out!!